TLP P&I Course Lesson 3 Block 6: House Points System

Block Description

Learners understand the parameters based on which points are awarded to houses. 

During Block

Step 1: Greet Class (2 min)

Step 2: Review Previous Session (2 min)
What did we learn in the previous lesson? (We learned about the intra-house interactions and reviewed the house leadership responsibilities.)

Can we discuss Block 4 homework? (Ensure that principals have scheduled the intra- house meetings.)

Step 3: Set Expectations (2 min)
We have learned about house days, house competitions, house projects and the intra-house interactions. We are now going to learn how students are awarded points for their house based on their participation in the house system.

Step 4 Description

  • Learners understand the house points system

Step 4 Content 


  • In competitions, students of each grade range earn points for their houses when they win.
  • In academics, students are awarded points for grade-wise achievements.
  • All house points will be regularly updated in the LMS and on the school notice board, and students can see them.
  • The house points are recorded and tracked by the house teachers of each house.
  • The winning house will get awarded a rolling trophy at the end of the school year.

Step 5 Description

  • Learners plan how to maintain a public record of the house points 

Step 5 Content

Activity: Discuss and come up with one way for the house points to be shown in all 3 schools. As you are discussing, answer the following questions: 

  • How will you get the data from house teachers?
  • How frequently will the data be updated?
  • On what material will the data be shown?
  • Where will this material be placed?
  • Who is in charge of this material in each school?
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