TLP P&I Course Lesson 2 Block 3: Teacher Responsibilities

Block Description

Learners understand the responsibilities of the teachers in the school.

During Block

Step 1: Greet Class 

Step 2: Review Previous Session (2 min)

What did we do in the previous block? (Learned about the responsibilities of the School Leadership Team with regard to the implementation of the program in the school)

Have you prepared for the Lesson 2 Block 2 homework? (Have learners share the detailed plans for fulfilling their responsibilities.)

Step 3: Set Expectations (2 min)

In this block, we are going to learn about what your school teachers are responsible for when it comes to the implementation of the program in your school. 

Step 4 Description

  • Learners understand the responsibility of the subject teachers

Step 4 Content

Subject Teacher Responsibilities

Teacher Development

  • Finish all the teaching competencies quizzes and assignments with a 100% score.
  • Give satisfactory demo class

Student Learning

  • Take subject classes
  • Ensure completion and track student worksheets, quizzes, notebooks, and assignments
  • Correct student notebooks, worksheets, assignments
  • Create the required physical collateral for classes
  • Become the point of contact for parents regarding the student’s learning and behavior
  • Maintain attendance, worksheet, notebook, and assignment information for each student
  • Attend post-class meetings to discuss student red flags and escalations
  • Evaluate student class tests, FAs, and SAs.
  • Generate SA report cards and final report card for each student

What the Teacher Should Know:

  • TLP Service Blueprint associated with teaching and associated implementation processes and documentation
  • TLP Online and Offline gamification system
  • TLP House System
  • TLP Teacher Training System
  • Subject related session plans

Expectations from Teachers:

  • Is present for 90% or more of the training
  • Consistently upholds teacher emotional contract
  • Adheres to school leave policy during probation
  • Shows ability to invest in self-development and shows observable progress in self-development.
  • Adheres to school values: Integrity, Excellence, and Ownership

Teacher Milestones for Academic Year Oct 2020 to June 2021

  • Milestone 1 – Score 100% in the teacher training course
  • Milestone 2 – Ensure 60% for all students in FA1
  • Milestone 4 –Ensure 55% for all students in FA2
  • Milestone 5 – Ensure 55% for all students in FA3
  • Milestone 6 – Ensure 50% for all students in SA1
  • Milestone 7 – Ensure 55% for all students in FA4
  • Milestone 8 – Ensure 55% for all students in FA5
  • Milestone 9 – Ensure 50% for all students in SA2

Subject Teacher Growth Opportunities:
If subject teachers hit their baseline expectations and milestones and take up any two of these successfully, they are eligible for a promotion.

Process Leader:

  • Takes over admin tasks of coordinator by understanding the process and taking ownership of the process
  • Takes ownership of any of the house system processes 
  • Takes ownership of the School student leadership
  • Takes ownership of any significant process in the school

Curriculum Leader:

  • Comes up with activities and plans and report to OM Team,
  • Writes Curriculum

Tech Leader:

  • Learns how to use the LMS effectively
  • Learns group leader role
  • Learns how to export student quiz and assignment results
  • Takes over technology-related tasks for the school
  • Maintains implementation tracker
  • Solves tech support issues for teachers and students
  • Provides assistance in setting up and running the computer lab

Project-Based Learning Leader:

  • Goes beyond the session plan and creating extra fun interventions
  • Showing evidence of props in class (hands-on props)
  • Creating activities for children

Emotional Safety Leader:

  • Goes above and beyond to foster implement the teacher contract
  • Becomes the go-to person for emotional safety in school
  • Training Leader: Volunteers to take up the training of teachers in new interventions

Step 5 Description

  • Learners understand the responsibility of the Class Teacher

Step 5 Content

Class Teacher Responsibilities

The class teacher is in charge of ensuring that their students’ needs are met. The needs can be related to learning, emotional safety, guidance, addressing student grievances, etc. The class teacher has the following responsibilities:

  • Appoint class leaders, train them on their duties, ensure that they are performing their duties by holding regular meetings
  • Appoint class procedure teams and rotate them using the class procedure tracker
  • Coordinate with principal and subject teachers to ensure that required interventions are provided for students with red flag escalations
  • Announce house activities and competitions, and encourage participation
  • Coordinate with Head Girl/Head Boy and go through the grievances box weekly and addressing the issues on a case-by-case basis and escalate to principals when required


Step 6 Description

  • Learners understand the responsibility of the House Teachers

Step 6 Content

House Teacher Responsibilities

House Teachers are the heads of the 4 school houses. The house teachers have the following responsibilities:
Note: the house teacher is free to take the assistance of any other teacher to fulfill their responsibilities

  • Select/Conduct a vote for the House Captains and House Vice Captains
  • Train the house captains and vice-captains on the following:
    • House Values
    • House Days and House Competitions
    • House Competition schedule for the month
    • Rules for House Competitions
    • House Captain Responsibilities
    • House Vice-Captain responsibilities
    • Intra-House Interactions
  • Observe and guide house students in the following meetings:
    • Welcome meetings
    • Monthly meetings
    • Assembly team meetings
    • Project team meetings
  • Ensure all students in the house are meaningfully participating in the house system
  • Coordinate with School Vice-Head Girl/Vice-Head Boy and maintain a record of the names of students who have signed up for various house competitions.
  • Coordinate with School Vice-Head Girl/Vice-Head Boy and guide house members in preparing for house competitions, projects, or assembly.
  • Update house points after each competition, FA, SA, or project


You will soon be learning about the house system. Meanwhile, schedule when you will have the following meetings with your teachers: 

  • Class Teacher training meeting 
  • House Teacher training meeting
  • Regular follow up with the class teacher and subject teacher
  • Regular follow up with the house teacher 
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