TLP P&I Course Lesson 1 Block 1: TLP Overview & Vision

Block Description

Learners understand the overview and vision of the TLP program. 
Note: Some aspects might not be applicable/relevant to the school. 

During Block

Step 1: Greet Class (2 min)

Step 2: Previous Review Session (2 min)

Step 3: Set Expectations (2 min)
Today, we will work on getting a high-level understanding of the TLP program and its vision. As we progress through the course, we will explore and understand the program and its implementation in exhaustive detail. 

Step 4 Description

  • Learners understand the components of the TLP Program

Step 4 Content 

The TLP program is a year-long program targeted towards Grades 3 to 10.

The program is an ecosystem program – it contains all the components required to run a school.

  • Leadership Training, Assessment, and Reporting
  • Teacher Training, Assessment, and Reporting
  • Year-long, NCERT mapped session plans for teachers, covering all school subjects.
  • Student homework, assignments, and revision tests
  • Student Assessment and Reporting
  • School House System
  • Classroom Management and School-wide Emotional Safety System
  • End-to-end program implementation processes
  • A Learning Management Website that holds all the training content, session plans, and assessments

Step 5 Description

  • Learners understand the vision of the TLP Program 

Step 5 Content

The vision of the TLP program is to develop students into skilled, confident, and exceptionally employable citizens who can make the best of the world’s offerings.

The mission is to create a school-wide learning system that actively engages students in developing foundational subject literacy, 21st-century skills and applying their learning to build tangible solutions to real-world problems.

The program takes a multi-pronged approach to achieve the vision by addressing the entire school ecosystem: curriculum, school leaders, teachers, school activities, and implementation processes.


You know your students better than us. Write down at least 5 problems or obstacles your students might face as they are working towards achieving the school vision. Write a one line solution that can solve each problem. 

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