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    Zeba Khan

    1)What is the name of this fruit?it’s the size of an egg. *Note* -insert picture of kiwi 🥝
    2)What is the name of this tower? Insert picture of Effiel tower
    3)The first letter of the first word in a sentence should be

    (A)a large letter ( B) a capital letter
    4) Match the following
    Part A
    a)I am the national animal of India. I have stripes on my body.
    b)I don’t sleep at night. I have a far sight and can turn my head almost all the way around.
    C)You can eat me iam white bleat or boo,I give wool
    d)You can ride me, I drink often,I live in desert I have a hump
    Part B

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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